Monday, November 16, 2015

Husky's Top 10 cards!

     I know this is a cool blog to write, and it shows off your collection so I will do a top 10 of my cards let's begin. Top to bottom, is 10-1. Thanks!

Wil Middlebrooks /99 BGS 9.5/10
Tiple Auto Jersey Relic of Longoria, Frazier and Stantana /27

Didi Gregorius Auto patch /3

Evan Longoria Auto Patch /25
Jason Heyward Dynasty /10 3 color patch
Tulo dynasty /10 4 color patch

Frank Robinson High Tek auto /5

Clint Frazier auto /5 BGS 9.5/10

David Wright 4 color patch dynasty /10 BGS 9/10

Bryce Harper Gold Parallel RC auto Patch 4 colors, /50!

Enjoy! Thanks!

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